Covering Dutch F-16 Training

Posted 29 April 2011
Photo by MSgt. Dave Neve

A press delegation from the Netherlands visited the US on 28-29 April to report on the Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16 training program, which is conducted by the 162nd Fighter Wing, the Arizona Air National Guard unit at Tucson International Airport. Reporters interviewed US and Dutch instructors and students while photographers captured many aspects of flight training. The US-based Dutch F-16 training program began in Tucson in 1989. After training with the 178th Fighter Wing, the Ohio Air National Guard unit in Columbus from 2008-2010, the Dutch program was restarted in Tucson in January 2011. Because of available space and access to ranges, the RNLAF bases fourteen of its F-16 in the US for basic and advanced F-16 flight training.