Aircraft Photos - Best Photos Of 2012

By Code One Staff Posted 6 December 2012

Since 1997, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company has produced a calendar showcasing the company’s aircraft and technologies for its employees, team partners, suppliers, and, most importantly, for the men and women who fly our combat, air mobility, maritime patrol, and surveillance aircraft.

Early in 2012 we invited Code One readers and contributors to send us their best photos. We asked for recent, striking photographs of current Lockheed Martin aircraft to develop a “Best of Code One” theme for the 2013 edition of the calendar.

Our readers and web site viewers more than delivered. We received more than 200 images from forty external shooters and a similar number of shots from about a dozen internal photographers. The images show Lockheed Martin aircraft in an amazing variety of locations, altitudes, and attitudes.

Choosing images for the calendar proved quite a task, but the Code One staff thinks the result is impressive. This gallery includes those top shots as well as some of the others that came close to making the final cut. Thanks to everyone who participated.

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