Thirty Years Of Coverage

By Code One Staff Posted 14 January 2015

This volume marks the start of Code One Magazine’s thirtieth year of publication. Code One originated as a product support publication that covered the F-111 and F-16. Through the years, the scope of the magazine expanded beyond tactical aircraft to include air mobility, maritime patrol and reconnaissance, and cutting-edge air vehicles.

Code One has always faithfully focused on the activities of customer communities that operate military aircraft produced and supported by Lockheed Martin. The publication has also brought to public view insider details on significant aircraft programs and projects, both current and past. The magazine debuted its Internet site in 1996 (two years before Google was founded). The website has been revised several times since then and became the focal point in 2013 when the print version was discontinued.

An email version of the magazine was instituted in 2014. This latest format is distributed ten to twelve times a year for free to subscribers. Code One is also active on Facebook and Twitter. To mark thirty years, Code One has planned a series of “Code One At Thirty” articles to be posted throughout 2015. Most of these will be timeless pieces from our archives that preceded the last website update five years ago. As always, we welcome your comments and appreciate your continued support.

Keep ’em flying.

Eric Hehs, Editor

Jeff Rhodes, Associate Editor

Erica Turner, Social Media Coordinator

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