C-5M Into LRIP

Posted 15 January 2010
Photo by John Rossino

The Air Force issued an Acquisition Decision Memorandum in January that authorizes the C-5M Super Galaxy Reliability Enhancement and Re-engining Program, or RERP, to enter low-rate initial production, or LRIP. The $344.3 million funding increment supports LRIP production for fifteen Super Galaxy aircraft, including RERP kit installation on three aircraft, material and parts fabrication for five aircraft, and long-lead funding for seven aircraft. When a C-5 has been through both the Avionics Modernization Program and RERP, it is redesignated as a C-5M. Production of the first C-5M Super Galaxy began in August 2009. That C-5M is slated for redelivery to the Air Force in September 2010. Current plans call for fifty-two fully modernized C-5Ms by 2016.