Cope Tiger 2015

Posted 24 March 2015
Photo by A1C Taylor Queen

Cope Tiger 2015, an annual multilateral exercise between the aviation and ground units from the United States, Thailand, and Singapore, concluded on 20 March 2015. The two-week exercise that began on 9 March focused on maritime security, counterterrorism, search and rescue, and humanitarian disaster relief missions in the region. Approximately 390 US personnel participated in the exercise, with more than 1,390 service members from Thailand and Singapore. US C-130 crews from Yokota AB, Japan, provided airlift support to the exercise. US F-15, E-3, and KC-135 squadrons from Kadena AB, Japan, also participated. The multilateral exercise, held at Korat RTAFB, Thailand, involved a combined total of eighty-four aircraft and thirty-eight air defense assets from the three contributing countries.

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