Trilateral Exercise

Posted 12 December 2015
Photo by SrA Kayla Newman

The inaugural Trilateral Exercise, a joint US Air Force, Royal Air Force, and Armeé de l’air (French Air Force) anti-access/area denial training event, began at Langley AFB, Virginia, on 2 December 2015. The Trilateral Exercise marked the first time US F-22, British Typhoon, French Rafale fighters had been flown together. Adversary aircraft were replicated by the US F-15Es and T-38s. The exercise, hosted by the 1st Fighter Wing at Langley, focused on operations in a highly-contested operational environment through a variety of simulated adversary scenarios. The intent of the exercise was to gain an understanding of the logistics, support requirements, capabilities, tactics, techniques and procedures associated with the integrated operation of coalition front-line fighters. More than 500 people were involved in the exercise.

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