Extreme Delivery

Posted 13 February 2012

A C-5 Galaxy crew from the 60th Air Mobility Wing at Travis AFB, California, successfully delivered the second joint-service Advanced Extremely High Frequency, or AEHF, military communications satellite from Moffett Federal Airfield near the Lockheed Martin facility in Sunnyvale, California, to the Shuttle Landing Facility at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, on 13 February 2012. The AEHF satellites will provide survivable, global, secure, protected, and jam-resistant communications for high-priority military ground, sea, and air users. The AEHF system is the follow-on to the in-service orbiting Milstar satellites. AEHF-2 is scheduled to lift off on 27 April [UPDATE: The actual launch date was 4 May] from Launch Complex 41 at nearby Cape Canaveral AFS on board an Atlas V launch vehicle.