C-5 AMP Complete

Posted 27 April 2012
Photo by Mark Hamilton

The seventy-ninth and final C-5 Galaxy aircraft modified under the Avionics Modernization Program, or AMP, was re-delivered to the US Air Force in ceremonies at Travis AFB, California, on 27 April 2012. AMP, the first part of a two-phase C-5 modernization effort, began in 1998 and incorporates a glass cockpit with digital avionics, a new mission computer and autopilot, and also includes air traffic management equipment. The second phase of the C-5 modernization effort is the Reliability Enhancement and Re-engining Program. Fifty-two of the C-5s that received the AMP modifications will be further upgraded to the C-5M Super Galaxy standard. The final AMP aircraft (Air Force serial number 70-0448) is assigned to the 433rd Airlift Wing at JB San Antonio-Lackland, Texas.