Record Airdrops

Photo by MSgt. William Greer

Officials at Air Mobility Command headquarters at Scott AFB, Illinois announced on 6 January 2012 that mobility Airmen had set a new annual record of 75,956,235 pounds of cargo delivered during airdrops in Afghanistan in 2011. The 2011 total is nearly sixteen million more pounds delivered than the previous record set in 2010. The record number, as recorded by Air Forces Central's Combined Air Operations Center in Southwest Asia, is also larger than the 60,525,969 total pounds of cargo delivered in Afghanistan by airdrop from 2006 to 2009. On average, mobility Airmen airdropped 6,329,686 pounds of cargo each month in 2011. Mobility Airmen completing the airdrops flew C-130/C-130J and C-17 aircraft from various deployed bases.