Raptor Squadron Reaches IOC

Posted 10 April 2014
Photo by A1C Dustin Mullin

Col. David E. Graff, the commander of the 325th Fighter Wing at Tyndall AFB, Florida, declared on 8 April 2014 that the 95th Fighter Squadron, the recently reactivated unit now flying the F-22 Raptor, had reached Initial Operational Capability. IOC means that if the 95th FS is called upon, a limited force of F-22s from the unit along with required personnel could deploy to support a larger, already pre-positioned force. The squadron will remain at this level until additional personnel and equipment arrive from Holloman AFB, New Mexico, the base where the Raptors were formerly assigned, over the next few months. Officials expect the 95th FS to reach full operational capability this summer.

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