Rude Rams Stand Up

Posted 21 July 2015
Photo by Alex R. Lloyd

The 34th Fighter Squadron—known as the Rude Rams—was reactivated at Hill AFB, Utah, on 17 July 2015, marking the beginning of the F-35's combat era for both the active duty 388th and Air Force Reserve Command 419th Fighter Wings. The squadron, which dates back to World War II, was inactivated as an F-16 unit in 2010 as part of an Air Force restructuring plan, but returns to become the first operational Air Force unit to fly combat-coded F-35s. The squadron’s first F-35A is scheduled to arrive at the base near Salt Lake City in September 2015. By 2019, seventy-two F-35s will be assigned to Hill, with approximately thirty-five to forty pilots in each of the three fighter squadrons.

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