In Memoriam – Arthur K. Murray

Posted 25 July 2011

Former Air Force experimental test pilot Maj. Arthur K. Murray passed away at his home in the town of West, Texas, on 25 July 2011. He was 92. Murray, who went by the nickname Kit, began his military career with the l04th Cavalry in 1939. When the Army abandoned horses in 1941, he transferred to the Army Air Corps and flew fifty combat missions in World War II. Murray was a test pilot at Muroc Army Airfield, later the Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards AFB, California, from 1946-1955. He flew numerous aircraft, including the XF-90, XF-92, XF-94, and F-104. He set an unofficial altitude record of more than 90,000 feet at over twice the speed of sound while at Edwards.

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