New Active Associate Units

Posted 3 November 2011
Photo by TSgt. Julie Briden-Garcia

The US Air Force announced plans on 3 November 2011 to establish four new active associate jet fighter units to create efficient and effective combat capability in tight budgetary times. The four active Air Force units will associate and collocate with Air Force Reserve Command units at Homestead ARB, Florida; NAS JRB Fort Worth, Texas; Barksdale AFB, Louisiana; and Whiteman AFB, Missouri. The wings at Homestead and in Fort Worth will continue to fly F-16s. Each location will gain 168 active-duty Airmen. The units at Barksdale and Whiteman will fly A-10s. At each base, the aircraft are assigned to the Reserve units, and the active-duty Airmen will fly and maintain the aircraft with the Reservists at those locations.

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