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Posted 9 January 2013
Photo by A1C Daniel E. Liddicoet

US Air Force officials announced on 9 January 2013 that the aircraft and personnel from the operational and Air Force Reserve Command F-22 units at Holloman AFB, New Mexico, will now transfer to Tyndall AFB, Florida, by spring 2014. The move was originally scheduled for 2013. The transfer of the active duty 7th Fighter Squadron and the Reserve 301st FS from Holloman involves 620 active duty and 230 Air Force Reserve manpower authorizations. Twenty-one F-22s and seven T-38 proficiency/adversary aircraft will be moved. The timing of the move minimizes disruption to Airmen and their families while optimizing combat capabilities and continuity of training. The 43rd FS at Tyndall will continue as the F-22 training unit after the move.

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