Twenty-Five Years Of Coverage

By Eric Hehs and Jeff Rhodes Posted 22 June 2010

This issue marks the start of Code One Magazine’s twenty-fifth year of publication. The cover kicking off our silver anniversary year celebrates the first vertical landing of the F-35B Lightning II. The landing is one of many significant accomplishments for a program that Code One began covering in 1994. Code One originated as a product support publication for F-111 and F-16 aircraft.

Through the years, the scope of the magazine expanded beyond tactical aircraft to include air mobility, maritime patrol and reconnaissance, and cutting-edge air vehicles. Code One has always faithfully focused on the activities of customer communities that operate military aircraft produced and supported by Lockheed Martin. That focus will not change.

But some things will change.

This website will play a larger role in our coverage going forward. The magazine debuted its Internet site in 1996 (two years before Google was founded). The site has been revised several times since then. We are putting the final touches on a major site redesign that will be launched later this year. Not only will this new site be updated more frequently, it will include more photo galleries, video clips, and other features. We set some high standards with the magazine for the last quarter century. We plan on exceeding those standards in the coming years.

Keep ’em flying.

Eric Hehs, Editor
Jeff Rhodes, Associate Editor