First F-35 To 1,000 Hours

Posted 14 June 2014
Photo by Tom Reynolds

The F-35A test aircraft designated AF-2, became the first F-35 to reach 1,000 flight hours during a flight at the Air Force Test Center at Edwards AFB, California, on 11 June 2014. Lockheed Martin test pilot Paul Hattendorf was flying an airframe loads envelope expansion mission when the fighter reached the milestone. AF-2, delivered in May 2010, is primarily flown on aerodynamic loads envelope expansion tests. The Edwards F-35 Integrated Test Force has nine F-35s assigned for developmental testing: six F-35As, two F-35Bs and one F-35C. The Edwards F-35 team is working to complete testing required for the Block 2B software fleet release that will support US Marine Corps initial operational capability in 2015.

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