Improved HARM Tested

Posted 15 August 2014
File photo by TSgt. Michael Ammons

The US Air Force carried out a successful flight tested the upgraded AGM-88F High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile, or HARM, in early August 2014. The HARM Control Section Modification, or HCSM, improves missile precision and accuracy, reducing potential collateral damage. During the test, an F-16 pilot assigned to the 85th Test and Evaluation Squadron at Hill AFB, Utah, launched the AGM-88F against an emitter located outside of a zone of exclusion, which contained a similar radiating emitter. The HCSM used its GPS/inertial measurement unit and successfully impacted the correct target. The test was conducted at the Utah Test and Training Range near Hill. The Air Force awarded Raytheon the HCSM contract in 2012. The missile was recently cleared for full rate production.

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