Worldwide F-35 Maintenance Sites

Posted 18 December 2014
Photo by Darin Russell

The F-35 Lightning II Joint Program Office, or JPO, announced on 11 December 2014 that Italy will be the European location for F-35 heavy engine and heavy airframe maintenance, repair, overhaul and upgrades, or MRO&U, with initial capability to be provided by 2018. Engine heavy maintenance will initially be provided by Turkey by 2018, with Norway and the Netherlands providing additional capability two to three years later. The JPO announced on 17 December that the assigned F-35 Regional MRO&U capability for airframes and engines for the Asia-Pacific Region will be provided by Japan for the Northern Pacific and Australia for the Southern Pacific, with both capabilities required by early 2018. For heavy F-35 engine maintenance, the initial capability will be provided by Australia by early 2018, with Japan providing additional capability several years later.

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