Raptors Return From The Pacific

Posted 4 October 2010
Photo by Capt. Adrienne Stahl

The 27th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron from Langley AFB, Virginia, and the 7th EFS from Holloman AFB, New Mexico, returned to their respective homes in early October after deploying to the western Pacific for four months. This marked the first deployment for the 27th EFS to Andersen AFB, Guam, and the first F-22 deployment for the 7th EFS. Known as the Screamin’ Demons, the 7th EFS was stationed at Okinawa, Japan. Both units deployed twelve aircraft as part of a Pacific Theater Security Package to ensure regional stability. While deployed, the 27th EFS participated in Exercise Coral Mustang, a separate training operation involving the forward deployment of eight F-22s, ninety personnel, and minimal spares from an already deployed location.

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