Electronic Connie Returns To Flight

Posted 14 January 2012
Photo by M. Malak

One of the few remaining EC-121 Super Constellation airborne early warning aircraft was flown on 14 January 2011 from Camarillo, California, to its new home at the Yanks Air Museum in Chino, California, where it will go on permanent display. The 100-mile flight came after a seven-year restoration effort to make the aircraft airworthy. The aircraft (US Air Force serial number 53-0548) was one of twenty-three EC-121D AEW aircraft that were brought up to the EC-121T standard in 1970. The aircraft, which carried a crew of up to thirty, served from 1955 until 1978 and was flown on missions off Taiwan, South Korea, and Iceland. Yanks Air Museum, which has more than 170 aircraft on display, acquired the EC-121T in 2004.

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