Newest Raptor Pilot

Posted 27 June 2012
Photo by Christopher Cokeing

US Air Force Gen. Mike Hostage, the commander of Air Combat Command, completed F-22 Raptor pilot qualification at Tyndall AFB, Florida, on 27 June 2012. Hostage said he wanted to reinforce his personal stake in the Air Force's efforts to identify the root cause of unexplained physiological incidents involving a few Raptor pilots. "I'm asking these Airmen to assume some risk that exceeds the norm, and I have to be willing to do it myself,” Hostage said. “Flying the airplane allows me to understand exactly what our Airmen are dealing with. It's amazing to fly. I'm confident in the procedures we have in place to help enhance crew safety." The 43rd Fighter Squadron at Tyndall conducts F-22 pilot training.

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