Be Very Quiet

Posted 15 October 2015
Photo by SrA Charles Rivezzo

Lockheed Martin technicians and base officials from Travis AFB, California, recorded in-flight noise and vibration data onboard the C-5M Space Cargo Modification, or SCM, aircraft in September 2015, ensuring the newly upgraded Super Galaxy was still compliant with NASA requirements. Engineers strategically placed twelve microphones, five single-axis accelerometers, and four triaxle accelerometers throughout the aircraft's specially modified cargo compartment. The objective of the test was to collect interior noise and vibration data to verify that the C-5M SCM cargo compartment still met the NASA vibroacoustic requirements. Because the new, more powerful engines on the C-5M potentially alter the vibrations generated in the cargo compartment, Air Force Space Command raised concerns that the aircraft be re-evaluated. Data analysis was expected to take several weeks to complete.

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