Bandage 33 Save

Posted 30 March 2013
Photo by Capt. Tristan Hinderliter

A new communications technology called Dynamic Retasking Capability, or DRC, and the quick response of the aircrew and aeromedical evacuation team aboard a C-130J Super Hercules saved the life of a critically wounded US Air Force combat controller in Afghanistan in March. The C-130J crew, all deployed from Little Rock AFB, Arkansas, was on a routine mission to transport patients from forward operating bases back to Bagram Airfield. Through DRC, the aircrew was first diverted to pick up the combat controller and later allowed the crew to communicate they were heading directly to Bagram after the controller’s condition deteriorated rapidly. The flight, which normally takes more than an hour, took forty-two minutes. The injured Airman’s badly wounded leg was saved.


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