Operation Nunalivut 2014

Posted 25 April 2014
Photo by MCpl Chesley Hutson

Forty Air National Guardsmen and two LC-130H Ski-Herk aircraft from the 109th Airlift Wing, the New York Guard unit at Stratton ANGB in Scotia, took part in Canada's annual Operation Nunalivut sovereignty operations exercise held around Resolute Bay, Nunavut, Canada, from 16-24 April 2014. This marked the first year the 109th AW participated in the exercise. The 109th crews, operating from Resolute Bay and Thule AB, Greenland, airlifted fuel and supplies to the forward-deployed locations, as the LC-130s have more capacity and range than the Canadian ski-equipped CC-138 Twin Otter aircraft. More than 250 personnel participated in the exercise, including the Canadian Army, the Royal Canadian Navy Fleet Diving Unit, and the Royal Canadian Air Forces 440 Transport Squadron.

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