Gas To Go

Posted 13 February 2013
Photo by A1C Marianique Santos

US Airmen from units deployed in support of the Cope North ’13 multinational exercise transported an R-11 refueling truck on a C-130H Hercules aircraft from Andersen AFB, Guam, to Rota Island in the Northern Marianas on 13 February 2013, to recover a US Navy F/A-18 whose pilot had diverted there because of bad weather. However, Rota has no fueling facilities for fighters. The truck had to be transported empty for weight and safety purposes, so the Yokota AB, Japan-based C-130 crew then had to make another trip to pick up additional equipment. On Rota, fuel was transferred from the C-130 to the refueling truck and then to the F/A-18. The Hornet pilot later flew back to Andersen.


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