Southern Strike

Posted 29 October 2015
Photo by SSgt. Russ Jackson

In late October 2015, 220 US Airmen from Tyndall AFB, Florida, participated in the two-week long Southern Strike at NAS JRB New Orleans, Louisiana. The mock deployment gave Tyndall F-22 pilots the chance to fly with F-15, F-16, F/A-18, T-38, F-35 and B-1 pilots and crews from bases around the country to fly together and against each other in air-to-air combat. The training allowed students in Tyndall's F-22 basic training course to get air combat training against dissimilar fighters. The first week of the exercise focused on small-scale local flying with F-22s, T-38s, and F-15s from NAS JRB. The second week brought many more fighters from other bases, such as Eglin AFB, Florida, to make up two teams that competed against each other.

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