More F-35 Work For Fokker

Posted 14 January 2015
Photo by Darin Russell

Fokker Technologies, under an industrial agreement signed on 14 January 2015, will be responsible for the manufacturing of the flaperons and outboard leading edge wing flaps for F-35s in Low Rate Initial Production, or LRIP, Lots 9 and 10. The wing parts will be manufactured at the Fokker facility in Hoogeveen, Netherlands. The contract runs through 2017. The composite and titanium flaperons on the F-35 wing trailing edge are nearly ten feet long. Fokker has been manufacturing the flaperons and leading edge flaps since LRIP 3 for the F-35. A total of twenty-eight Dutch companies are directly involved in the F-35 program with more than 100 involved as subcontractors.

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