F-16 ANG Pilot And Ninja Warrior

Posted 19 August 2015

Lt. Col. Matt Jensen, an F-16 pilot with the Texas Air National Guard, channeled his warrior spirit to tackle the notorious American Ninja Warrior course. Jensen, who flies F-16s with the 149th Fighter Wing at JB Lackland-San Antonio, Texas, earned a spot in the show’s “2015 Military Finals” episode that aired on 17 August 2015. Jensen, a former member of the US Air Force men’s gymnastics team, did well enough to advance to the national finals round, which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he will face a stunning four-stage course modeled after the famed Mount Midoriyama course in Japan. The winner of the finals will take home a grand prize of $1 million. Although many have come close, no athlete has yet to complete the finals course in six seasons of the US version of the competition. See the video.