Shimshon Arrives In Israel

Posted 9 April 2014
Photo by Todd R. McQueen

The first C-130J Super Hercules for the Israeli Air Force, or IAF, arrived at Nevatim AB, Israel, on 9 April 2014, where it was welcomed in formal ceremonies. The IAF has bestowed the nickname Shimshon—Hebrew for Samson—on its C-130Js. The new C-130J was escorted to the base by IAF crews flying a legacy C-130, a 707 tanker, and a G-IV reconnaissance aircraft. This C-130J was first delivered to the IAF in June 2013 at the Lockheed Martin facility in Marietta, Georgia, where it was manufactured. The aircraft remained in the US to receive Israeli-specific modifications. Israel ordered its C-130Js through a Foreign Military Sales contract with the US government. The IAF has operated legacy C-130s since 1971.

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