National Disaster Preparedness Exercise

Posted 5 September 2014
Photo by 1st Lt. Jake Bailey

US Air Force C-130H aircrews from the 36th Airlift Squadron at Yokota AB, Japan, participated in Japan’s annual national disaster preparedness exercise on 30 August 2014. The exercises involved the US military, local Japanese governments, prefectures, and local first responders. During one part of the exercise, low cost/low altitude, or LCLA, airdrop bundles containing disaster relief in the form of 600 pounds of water and rice were airdropped from the C-130 to a coastal drop zone near Shimoda, where the supplies were retrieved by local fishermen for distribution. To cap the weekend's exercises, Yokota AB Airmen and Marines from Marine Corps Air Station Futenma took part in a joint disaster relief mission to Oshima Island on 31 August.

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