RAAF Orion And Hercules Together

Photo by Sgt. Rob Nyffenegger

The Royal Australian Air Force combined its AP-3C Orion and C-130H/J Hercules operations in the Middle East to a single location in December 2009. The RAAF has shifted its emphasis from Iraq (Operation Catalyst) to Afghanistan (Operation Slipper). The consolidation of forces is expected to yield significant efficiency in logistics support as well as to reduce fatigue on personnel and equipment. Since 2003, 37 Squadron C-130 crews from RAAF Richmond, near Sydney, have completed nearly 11,000 sorties, delivered 63 million pounds of cargo, carried 130,000 passengers, and carried out 2,300 aeromedical evacuation sorties. AP-3C crews from 11 and 12 Squadrons at RAAF Edinburgh, near Adelaide, have flown more than 1,750 missions, accumulating 16,500 flying hours in Middle East operations.

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