Harvest HAWK Modification

In February 2012, the US Marine Corps received the first KC-130J Harvest HAWK armed tanker with a modified paratroop door that allows the crew to launch standoff precision-guided weapons while the aircraft remains pressurized. The new door, called the Derringer Door, eliminates the need for the crew to depressurize the aircraft and lower the cargo ramp prior to firing AGM-176 Griffin air-to-surface missiles. Currently deployed Harvest HAWK-equipped KC-130Js use a cargo ramp-mounted launch-tube system. The Derringer door and storage rack do not interfere with KC-130J cargo handling. Harvest HAWK (Hercules Airborne Weapons Kit) is a modular roll-on, roll-off weapons system that includes a fire-control console; an AN/AAQ-30 target sight; a quad-mount AGM-119 Hellfire missile launcher; and the Derringer Door.

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