Dover Goes All M

Posted 5 April 2012
Photo by Roland Balik

The 709th Airlift Squadron, the US Air Force Reserve Command C-5 Galaxy unit at Dover AFB, Delaware, completed its final C-5B mission on 5 April 2012. The squadron is now officially a C-5M Super Galaxy squadron, sharing aircraft with the 9th Airlift Squadron, the active duty C-5M unit at Dover. The last 709th AS mission lasted twelve days, with the crew moving more than 500,000 pounds of cargo out of Afghanistan and points in Europe. The aircraft will be transferred to Travis AFB, California. The 9th AS completed its last C-5B mission on 12 March 2012 after flying to the Middle East. The aircraft (Air Force serial number 86-0020) was given a ceremonial hosing down when the crew returned home.

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